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GeoRemindMe! is a specialized tool to send and receive personalized suggestions based on your location and your tastes.

  • Find interesting things to do.
  • Discover and explore new places.
  • Don't forget anything you wanted to do.

GeoRemindme allows you:

  • Look up personalized suggestions based on your tastes and your suggestions..
  • Follow other with similar likes.
  • Save, comment and rate your favorite suggestions.
  • And soon... we want to offer you promotions and discounts to enjoy nearby you..
  • And ask suggestions of your Facebook and Twitter contacts.

Vuelta a Beta privada

Os pedimos disculpas pero por motivos técnicos hemos decidido deshabilitar temporalmente los nuevos registros.

Esperamos muy pronto volver a la Beta Pública, más información en: http://blog.georemindme.com

Fray haciendo conjeturas xD

Un cordial saludo,
La familia del pollo ;-D